Clothes expose your emotions, this technology is not new, the Canadian company OMsignal launch of the smart T-shirt can do. Now it no longer belongs to geeks exclusive, high-end clothing manufacturers Lauren kicked out of the finishing touches to its commercialization, http://www.latebookinguk.comhas just opened at the US Open, it shows the user can detect heart rate, http://www.giftcorpshop.comrespiratory rate of the smart T-shirt . At first glance, this is a plain black sports T-shirt, polo classic chest logo, but the clothes inside the great universe,http:// contains hardware units, circuits, sensors and so on. It can detect heart rate, breathing rate, and the wearer of the pressure value, this dress in a caddy who now wear. "This is a very interesting thing, if Federer to caddy handed the ball, whether it will be a lot of pressure caddy? http://www.needblowjob.comWhich is something you can see." David Lauren said, he was executive vice president of Ralph Lauren company, responsible for business cooperation . So hot at the moment wearable device market, not only to drive the technology companies, fashion brands also did not want to miss this wave of enthusiasm.